this is how I feel by this point

so many blog posts.

so many.

How did Noah do this for 365 dayz?? I’m deliriouz from blogging about ONLY LEVI’S for 3 months.  Levi’s should send me some care package of jeans for all my hard efforts…to all of us, in fact.

For my last post on Levi’s, I decided to delve into their website for 45 minutes. Literally reading every report, statement, watching every video, and looking at all their causes.  They have a lot…I didn’t know before reading up they took on HIV/AIDS relief efforts.

The website has some dry bits and some cooler ones.  Here’s the life cycle of a jean.

I don’t know what this really is, but it’s an archive of some sort?

They’re also crazy environmentally conscious…or so they say.  Here’s their evidence for that.

Now, I’m gonna take some time to reflect how I feel finishing this blog.  Because I’m getting a premature burst of joy at this accomplishment, and I need to let it out before it interrupts with my entire thought process.

These British kids say it best.

But seriously.  Let’s get serious.  For real, for real.

So, I seriously was gonna contact Levi’s about sending us some free stuff for all Levi’s internet traffic we’ve created.  But then, while reading their entire site, I came upon this:

Someone [or probably a few mill people] got there before we did, until Levi’s didn’t want to answer anymore and just put this blanket “no” statement up.  Disappointing, but rational.

I’m pretty sure this blog has helped me do some things I wouldn’t have maybe done.  Like haikus…and stop-motion vids…and talking into my computer….and haikus?

Glad this blog helped me try new things.  I’ll definitely keep going with my learning of creative mediums of expression.

Reflection over.

And now for something I deserve.


Or is it?….It’s only just begun.

I have to be going crazy^^.