Review….review….is like a rearview.

Like a rearview mirror.

Or a rearview….of a butt.

Both seem appropriate for this Levi’s blog and this week’s directive.

I’ll just go with rearview mirror.

This reviewing reminded me of tracing my steps backwards, so I decided to include this picture I took at the OBX.

So, now it’s time to review this Levi’s stuff.

Review makes me think of “make better.”

If I could make this blog better, I would:

-have started out stronger…I think some of my first posts were weak sauce (but I guess that’s part of the process)

-not be taking 19 credits (winey winey) so I could devote more time to it

-stick better to one blog a day, EVERY DAY rule

-eat more carrots so my eyesight is better and I notice more things around me and get curious about them


Ok. Done with self-grading.

I also wanted to share the fact that now, everywhere I go, I see Levi’s.  It’s sickening.  but other times, it’s great.  Like the other day, at Fantastic Thrift (not for Levi’s, for once), I spotted this brand new, Levi’s shorts a mile away….only because I’ve been trained all semester to sense Levi’s.  And picked them up for a cool $5.  They look just like the $50 ones I wanted from Urban Outfitters.  I guess it’s all of our crosses to bear….this gift and curse of seeing Levi’s before anyone even knows they’re in the room.  Sigh.

Here they are, though.  Love, love, love them.  And it’s like 63 degrees so I don’t even have to wait for summer to wear them.  Yay global warming.

And also, in review, I had no Levi’s before this Project.  I think I bought 5-6 during the duration of this semester.  At thrift stores, of course.

Ballin’ on a budget.