For this post, I wanted to take the word “seductive” and make as many anagrams as I can with it.

This is gonna be hard.

Be back later.

Ok, here they are:

Cute Dives

Evicts Due

Vices Duet

Ice Duvets

I’ll try and write a seductive blurb about each one of these and Levi’s now.

Ready, set, go.

Everyone was doing cute dives with their bathing suits on into the pool, but I wanted to be seductive so I kept my Levi’s on all the way until I got to the water’s edge and started to slowly undress, starting with the zipper of my Levi’s.

The landlord knew he had a bunch of evicts that were due to do since none of his tenants seemed to want to pay their rent.  He didn’t know how they had all formed a habit of seducing him out of his blue denim Levi’s and making him forget about ever needing the rent.  “I have to be better”, he thought.

Two ex-vice presidents got together and decided to do a Vices Duet in front of the white house.  Wearing nothing but Santa boxer shorts and beards.  Nothing more seductive than two political with confidence to stand in very little clothes in the cold, their blue Levi’s strewn over a few branches in a tree nearby.

Ice-y Duvets are in no way sexy or seductive.  Please warm up your sheets in the dryer before trying to seduce me, or I’ll just have to keep my Levi’s jeans on the whole time.  No one wants that now.

These are ridiculous, but they are what spilled from my mind when I brought the words seductive, Levi’s, and anagrams of seductive together.