Why are all seductive things red?

Is that the color of seduction? Who decided that? And when? Seduction being red makes me think olden folk identified it with the devil (I just think of people in the middle ages identifying everything bad with the devil) so it makes me think that they thought sexual acts, which are results of seduction were identified like that and all things seductive were red — like the devil.

Pretty ridiculous theory.  But who knows, I might be right? I’m not looking it up.  I trust my reasoning.

So everything seductive was/is red.  If you don’t know what I mean yet, then let me illustrate:

Enough illustration.

I think with the classic blue denim Levi’s, there is just enough red seduction going on.

Just enough seduction in the hind-regions to catch everyone’s eye, but not enough to make them pull down your pants on the spot.

Levi’s definitely have a seductive balance.  They know that too much red on the back would’ve caused too many Pantsers [n. people who pull down your pants; people who “pants” you] and not enough and no one would even look at the labels.  They seduced our eyes to the words on the back.  To the numbers and letters that tell us exactly the fit, kind, and brand.  And our eyes soak it all in, with every pair of Levi’s we buy.  Good job, Levi’s.

But I just figured you guys and your red labels out.  Ah HA.