So another thing that is seductive, to me, is nature.  There’s nothing more poetic than a flock of birds flying in billowy waves over a rippling riverscape.  Or the power of a sunset with a million shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and everything inbetween.

I try to stop and appreciate these things when I can.  Today, my friend and I ventured into Belle Isle with our Levi’s.  It was a nice 60 degree, typical December day.  We soaked in everything, took pictures, and climbed anything we could. (I tried that rock climbing wall next to the path).

We were being adventurous but the whole time we were allured by it all.  We just kept going.  We were literally out for an hour.  I decided to write about it and collect some leaves and things.  I thought I could use them in some way for a post.  So I did.

It looked better in my head, I swear.  Whatever, though.  It does what it’s supposed to….it represents.  I’m definitely no pro with glueing leaves on things….kindergarteners could have me beat on this mixed media, I’m sure.  I’ll just stick to drawing.

This represents a girl who is basking in everything that is nature.  Nothing else is there besides her and a tree because nothing else is important.  She is (get ready for this) one with nature.  Used watercolor, a bit o’ white acrylic paint, and made the cutout.

I’d like to see a Levi’s campaign where they focus on “The Other Seductive” or the things that are all around us and seduce and allure us.  Things that are casual enough to be in Levi’s for.  No red lingerie or expensive perfume needed.