When I think of seductive, sure I think of all the cliche things people think of on Valentine’s Dyay and the such…but when I go deeper…when I really recognize what’s seductive to me, I realize those tings aren’t what are most seductive.

One of the things that I find seductive is art.  Good art can grip you, move you, torture you, demoralize you, and make you feel ecstatic for no reason.  It can lift you up or make you question eveyrthing.  I love art.  I’ve been at it since I was wee.  There’s a certain satisfaction I get from finishing something I’ve been working on.  The feeling is irreplaceable, untangible, but definitely strong.

Art is one of my seductions.

I thought about one of those cliche things people think of when they think seductive.  I thought a pin-up looking girl, wearing fake eyelashes and makeup accentuating each cheekbone’s peak and through.  Makeup was the next thing that came to me.  So pin-up girls and makeup are seductive, right?

Instantly, I thought of one of my favorite brit pop artists.  Lichtenstein.  His stuff looks like one square out of a seductive comic book.  It’s really good stuff.  He did lots of women….very seductive.

So, I made my own rendition of his Girl with Ribbon.

With makeup.  Yep, I decided to combine my two first thoughts of “seductive” into one  little piece of art.  Here it is.

Voila.  And the cool part is that she’s wearing real makeup.  I think that makes this piece or art really seductive.

So the Levi’s idea I thought of when making this was the promotion of art by Levi’s.  Making denim is a craft and an art, and Levi’s themselves, as a company, respect creativity and the craft of art.  I was thinking about showcasing original works of art in every Levi’s store from the locality.  When I went to Coca-Cola’s Friday Forum, I remembered the speaker talking about Coca-Cola doing an amazing job of appealing and connecting with each locality and community in which they were sold.  Their umbrella campaign tied all these community-directed campaigns together in a fluid and coherent way.  Anyways, I think Levi’s should go to cities where there is a great art movement and reach out the local artists to submit their work into their local stores.  NY, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago are the first that come to mind?  The art is changed out every month and the Levi’s stores not only are about retail and selling merchandise, but they also become galleries that customers can come into for more than just spending money.            Of course, the final goal of this is to draw and allure the local residents in to see their local artists’ work, conveniently located at their local Levi’s store.