This is the second post from the collab work brainstom sesh I had with a few friends.  A word I wrote down on our “rebellious” page was bangs. I used to have bangs.  Blunt, straight cut-across not cool when you were 10 but cool when you’re 20 bangs.


I loved them, but got rid of them.  They were super rebellious.  I still get them every once in a while and get sick of them and grow them back out.

The reason is the following.

The wind blows, and they are in a disarray.  They split, making awkward forehead-revealing V’s with the slightest breeze.  It’s frustrating and hard to keep them looking like the picture above.  Some days, it’s almost worth it.  Others, I say Eff my bangs.  But, always, I had a comb with me to set them straight when they felt like fighting me.

Made me get an idea about Levi’s.

If they made a line of Levi’s who’s respective pockets had miracles inside with every purchase that made life easier.  Solved problems.  But specific, maybe funny problems.

Like, with my bangs example.

The jeans have a small, long pocket inside the back pocket that comes with a small, stylish metal comb.  Next to it, inside the back pocket as well, there is a small, long A-looking pocket and little, cute metal scissors inside of it.  There’s a little bit of hair gel in a pouch that fits nicely in the other back pocket.  Finally, the front, small pocket has a ridiculous, clown-sized but 50’s looking hand mirror.  These are the Vanity Levi’s.

The Garage Levi’s feature mechanic’s tools in the pockets and have oil-like ink drips.

The Thanksgiving Levi’s have a stretchable front and feature extra Lycra. They come with spoons, forks, and napkins.

I don’t know how well these would sell, but the idea is there.  Weird, quirky lines of Levi’s that target certain days, activities, or occupations.