A couple friends and I collab-ed on some “rebellious” ideas.  After many thorough rounds of pen and marker scribbling, I looked through my handwriting on the lined 8×11 sheet and decided I’d go deeper with 2 of them for these posts.

So turtleneck.

Turtlenecks are something I think of when I think of rebellious.  I seriously used to hate around that cold season time when I was younger and my mom busted out my turtlenecks.  Especially this dark green one.  It was thick and just so close to  my face.  Your clothes should never get that close to your chin…freaks me out.

Anyway, I would rebel.  I would take it off, get yelled at to put it on, then roll it down until I looked like a turtle but at least it wasn’t suffocating me.

Scary, right?

Thinking about escaping the clutches of my turtleneck, I thought about a pair of Levi’s that you put on that helped you get out.

3 Part Commercial

Girl looks dejectedly down at her fuzzy, pilling, thick green turtleneck.  She’s about 8 with brown pigtails and is standing alone in her pink-painted room.  Everything around her is pleasant, except her face because she’s in the stupid turtleneck.  She stands there.  It zooms in on her face and she looks down.  Her jeans are looking up at her.  She smiles.

The screen goes black and there are sounds of wooshing and ripping.  The scene lights up to just her face, smiling.

It pans out and she’s now wearing a cute vest made out of her turtleneck with a comfy long-sleeved shirt underneath.  She looks down at her jeans that look like they’re smiling at her and says, in the cutest little-kid voice, “Thanks.”

 Magic jeans.