For this post, I finally attained my goal and made the stop-motion video.

This is Levi’s being responsible.  They’re a good student.  They get up on time.  They put themselves in the wash regulalrly.  They eat all their starches and stay healthy.

Here is their story.

[Bear with me, this is my first ever stop-motion.  Much harder than I originally thought and not as fun as when I thought of the idea. So many pictures to take.  I think I started with something like 396.]

Make it fullscreen and 1080p if your computer can handle it!

A day in the life of responsible Levi’s.

The idea behind this is that Levi’s, themselves, are responsible.  They don’t care about goofing off.  They sit at in bed in their post-hot-shower robe after they’ve done all their work and just relax until the wee hours of 10-something PM when they go to bed so they can get up on time for the next day.  They never forget all their To-Do’s and set their alarms so they can get to class on time.  They’re the reliable, responsible, Levi’s.

Maybe there will be a sequel with their evil twin.  

The partying, 




impulsive Levi’s.