Wieden + Kennedy: The Future of Creative Business from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.

I found this video while procrastinating my upcoming responsible post involving stop-motion.  I thought I’d watch it and reflect on it for this post.  They talk about the integration of technology and creativity, which goes well with my upcoming project involving just that.

I urge anyone else to take a look, too.  They basically talk about what other companies are doing, and what W+K has been and will be doing to be better.

It’s pretty cool and they have British accents so everything they say sounds ten times cooler/smarter.  No lie.  I’m gonna work on getting to London and building my own British twang specifically for that reason.

The vid features Dan Hon and Nick Barham, two guys from W+K.  In this video, they talk about where other creative businesses are going and where their company, W+K, is going.  It’s cool because they talk about how other creative businesses are creating models of sorts for ways they should do things, while W+K is trying to stay away from those.  They, in contrast, want to experiment to see what works best.

What else do they talk about…

Oh yeah. They talk about the “re-crafting of the agency” and how they’re doing this with W+K.  They talk about how “terrifying” it is how the first thing that sometimes gets shown to a client after some idea generation is a Photoshop comps and how this may be common to other agencies, but not theirs. He says that’s terrible because the agency doesn’t yet know what they’re building.

They talk about how as much as technology is important, so is storytelling.  He gives the example of Steve Jobs and Pixar and that if he had left the storytelling component out of his endeavors, they wouldn’t be as good.

Technology is a medium to craft with, not just a tool.

He talks about Google analyzing to a crazy extreme which shade of blue to use for their hyperlinks, and how companies like Google and Facebook are technologically deft but aren’t using “soul.”

He also says it’s easier to teach a creative group to use technology than to integrate creativity into an engineering group.

Dan talks about W+K opening their basement to small companies that are trying to make it and having some of their clients and non-clients like Google and Target mentoring them.  Pretty cool.

They end it with “It’s ok to be stupid.” Just learn from it and “figure out ways to be a little less stupid.”

Embrace the stupid.

Something I found on one of their blogs:

I like it. I like it a lot.