Rizzy Bizzy.  This is what parents would say to kids after they thought of some “cool” slang to say to them.

Rizzy Bizzy = Responsible.  Parents trying to be cool, young, and hip.  “Honey, stay rizzy bizzy!” 

Exhibit A

How bout we target Levi’s to some parents trying be be hipper…cooler…better dressed?

Kinda like when Ryan Gosling gives Steve Carrel the makeover of his life.  Stay at home dad to pimp daddy.

There’s an article in the LA Times about males in movies getting important wardrobe makeovers and turning into stylish, suave superheroes of another nature. We’re seeing this more and more of recently.  Not complaining…let’s get dressed, men.

Men, you and only you are responsible for using what you got.  Because when you don’t use what you got, you do, in fact, lose it.  And getting back to your once stylish roots will be a slow uphill battle.

So back to the Levi’s idea.  Levi’s needs to come up with a campaign targeted at the men in world that are sporting all-white New Balance sneakers wherever they go.

Maybe full-page ads in magazines and bus shelters with a middle-aged man, sporting things reminiscent of middle-aged men who’ve lost their oomph.  White sneakers, slouchy, ill-fitting, light colored jeans and some sort of too-big polo.  The look of frump. He’s standing in the middle of the page on a red backdrop, dramatic dark lighting behind him.  He looks confused, hands in his pockets.  Awkward stance.  The line underneath reads, “Not now. Not ever.”

6 or 7 guys are picked to do these ads.  A bunch of the ads are released with the guys looking frumpy and unkempt.  Then, the same guys are featured in the reaction ads.  They feature all the guys with fitted shirts, dark Levi’s denim, cuffed to show their new shoes.  They’re standing comfortably, confidently, normally.  A few have blazers on top of t-shirts.  Watches on their wrists.  Casual and cool. The line reads, “Nice work.”

Levi’s get a line of darker, sleeker denim aimed at successful, working men.  They are parents, carpool drivers for soccer games, businessmen, divorced, married, mid-range young to mid-range old.  They need their own jeans.  Each of these jeans in this line come with a Suggestion Booklet for age-appropriate, polished looks [not in those exact words].  Maybe called something like “Your Jeans Should Never Be Lighter Than This —> [pointing to a pretty dark, denim fabric swatch] and 49 Other Rules for Success

The whole campaign is based on humor and being honest with those men that need that extra push in the right direction.

By doing this, Levi’s also embraces this new and emerging man makeover trend seen in some recent movies.  Might as well jump on this while the topic’s hot and men see it all around them.

Gentlemen: “Be better than the Gap!”