Woah. 40 already? Dayum.

During a downtown excursion, some thoughts on responsible popped into my head.

My friends and I were going downtown to Cha Cha’s to dance our booties off.  After 3 hours of straight, back-breaking dancing (that I regretted the next day….super sore) it was time to head out and get ourselves home.  Unfortunately, we hadn’t been responsible enough to designate a driver or even call anyone.  But we didn’t lose sight of being responsible and actually finding some form of transportation to get our scha-wasty, pooped-out selves home.  Someone yelled out “Bus!”

I immediately wanted to walk.  The Bottom and Back Bus is great for a free ride up and down Cary and Main, but I hate being crammed in a school bus full of drunk people, being rowdy and trying to meet you.

“My name is Mary.  Please stop whipping your arms around in front of my face.  You’re about to hit me.”

That’s an actual quote from that night.  I was not entertained, almost frightened by this drunk guy trying to tell my friend and I that people who don’t laugh at his faces are crazy [so he says in his crazy voice] which was followed by him making crazy faces at us, and us nervously laughing at his crazy faces.  Oh, the bus.

Gonna try and keep riding it to a minimum.  Being better, more responsible next time and designating a driver.

But looking around, I saw tons and tons of people on it, and still more climbing aboard.  Lots of people ride that thing for at least ten minutes.  I immediately thought about FourSquare.  FourSquare lets you check into places and move up in ranking until you basically own the place, virtually, from the amount of times you’ve been there compared to you peers.

I thought of an idea including Levi’s for this.  Since the bus gets so much traffic, and it’s all people being social, why doesn’t it get its own, official FourSquare location.  But checking in doesn’t just make you in charge of the place on the interweb world, it gives you perks.  Here’s the idea:  Each check in gets you non-FourSqaure points. Partnering with local stores, check-ins could come with an additional option to choose which of the local partners [that have partnered with the Bottom and Back Bus]  your check in points go to.  Stay with me, here.  You choose a local store.  Each check-in is worth between 5-10 points.  5 points for a weekday ride, 10 points for a weekend ride.  Every 50 points, a $5 off coupon becomes activated for you to use for the local store you’ve been choosing your points will go to.  75 points gets you $10.

The Bottom and Back Bus partnering with local stores, like Levi’s at Short Pump, and also FourSquare to create this points-reward system lets everyone involved get a perk.  People ride the bus and the bus builds a bigger, loyal fan base, Levi’s gets more customers who are willing to buy more with their coupons, and FourSquare becomes the portal.  Boom.

I don’t have foursquare because I feel like I’m on so many social sites already, but if I was, I would totally buy into coupon check-in rewards.