A few years back I won a ton of sunglasses from this company out in California.  San Diego to be exact.  

Shortly after, I started promoting for them.  Ace, the founder/owner, sends me some stickers, sunglasses, and other things and I basically flaunt them around as best as I can, everywhere I can and give them out to people.  It’s pretty cool and I really support his company since he started it not too long ago and in recent years it’s been blowin’ up.  I see his stuff everywhere now.

I’ve been so thankful I could be part of his company’s success by getting the word out as much as possible.  It’s given me the opportunity to think in terms of marketing, which always helps when you go on to be an Ad major.

I also appreciate him appreciating my input for his stuff.  It’s cool.

I decided to promote a little on here and tell you guys to check out his stuff.  It’s da bomb.

Crazy affordable and dope.

As of recent, you can go to the site and create your own custom shades.  I made some Levi’s inspired ones.  Here they are.


Go check it out.

Laterz on the manjay.

Oh, and the idea tying in Levi’s? Levi’s look great with these custom shades or any of the others.  If I was wearing Levi’s, I’d personally pair them with these pre-designed Knocks —

Simple looks that go great with a pair of blue [or black] jeans.  Even Levi’s khakis.

Promo done.