This video is long.

Just so much of me talking.

I talk about what I’m thankful for. I sound pretty shallow because my brain’s fried and all I could do was look around on my desk to remember what I’m thankful for.  So while my iPhone is something I love not-broken, finally getting it fixed probably isn’t at the top of my thankful list.  Ok, disclaimer done.  Not shallow.

I also realized how boring just rambling gets, so I put it to the tune of Biggie Smalls.

Makes it tenfold better, I think.

At the end, I finally got somewhere, and asked what Levi’s would be thankful for and tried to answer for them.  Hard to answer for something that never talks.

And here it is.

So much rambling in here.  Took forever to film and edit out at least some of the UMMM’s/dead space.


Also noticed I start whispering at the end…I don’t know why I got so quiet.  Probably because my ideas started losing steam…so much steam.