Lots of things to be thankful about all the time.

I’m gonna go for the obvious, yet never-overstated parents.  They’re just the best.

I appreciate them to the nth degree….infinite appreciation.  I actually am not sure what that means in math lingo…but what I meant with it was that I really am so thankful for them all the time.  They’re love and support is what keeps me going when I really don’t feel like it.  My mom always has honest, loving, simple truth that she spills on to me over the phone.  My dad…always has the honesty.  They’re both there for me and I can feel with everything they do they want the best for my little sister and I — just pure happiness and joy from our lives.

From this thought, I found a very joyous picture of my little sister after receiving some birthday presents.  Just the kind of joy our parents want to see on our faces all the time.  So why not give them a throw?

Costco lets you go online and upload pictures to a throw they will make.  I did that.

Pure joy captured on a blanket.

Before thinking of this idea, I was thinking about the thick, almost everlasting fibers of denim that weave and bob to make for a solid piece of attire.  All this weaving and bobbing seriously makes the material tough and strong.  Very supportive.

This blanket, too, has its own weaving.  The picture on the blanket represents the joy we get from our parents when they’ve done something marvelous for us.  The blanket’s stitching represent the support and stronghold behind what it is to be a parent.  Almost like to hands waffle-holding each other tightly, the fibers interlock and don’t let go, to catch and support.  To warm and protect.

Just like Levi’s.

Levi’s fibers, just like those of this blanket, with their durable weaving, represent everything my family does for me.  They hold me tightly, support me, and keep me warm and covered…in many ways.  Fibers are love.  The stronger the fibers, the stronger the love.

Makes me thankful for the strong fibers of my family.  The strongest.