Sticky Rice is pretty awesome.  I’m thankful for their blingo.

Blingo = speed Bingo @ Sticky Rice every Thursday.  Many rounds until around 2 am.  Every round has a winner.  Each new winner gets to pick from the prizes of previous winners and trade them out or keep his/her new prize.  As the night progresses, more drinks are bought and drank and people become sufficiently intoxicated.  And the Blingo game gets much faster.  Fun, right.  I recommend anyone who hasn’t gone,


I’m thankful for great, eclectic people, cool prizes, and cheap drinks.  All these equal simple good times.  How much simpler does it get than Bingo?


I was thinking about what to wear before going out.  I was sitting in the biggest flannel PJ’s and, not gonna lie, wishing they were one-sies.  So comfortable.

Anyways, when my friend hollered at me to go out, I was like man, I’m so comfortable.  I dont’ want to do anything to my appearance right now.  But I still want to look good going out.  Never have I/will I ever wear my PJ’s out in public.  I scanned my closet and I found the perfect ensemble.  Blue jeans, flats, and a white T.  A necklace on top to pull it together.  Way less effort than I expected.  I was ready in ten minutes.

I went out, had a great time, and came back.  I literally looked down at my jeans and was so happy with them for a comfortable, yet well-dressed night out.  They pulled it together for me.  These are them.  They’re not quite Levi’s, they’re Nudies, but the idea behind the denim is still the same.

What an awkward picture.  Whatever…I didn’t feel like taking another Myspace mirror pic.

Nice denim is the fabric you can put on with ten minutes to get ready that gives you a pulled together look.  Nice denim really makes all the difference in a normal casual outfit and one that’s just sub-par…or maybe par.  I don’t know how to best describe it, but I was really thankful that my jeans were super easy, weren’t too flashy, were crazy comfortable all night, and looked great….a little bit better than just any pair of blue jeans.

The ones I have are a super high waist, dark wash so they make anything you wear and anything in them look fabulous.  Now that I’ve finished ranting about my favorite pair of jeans, I wanted to go over the idea one more time.

So the thoughts behind this post are that I’m not only thankful for Sticky Rice Blingo Good Times but also the jeans that I was in that helped me be comfortable and fly.

The idea behind all this halabaloo [been using the weirdest words lately, see: Mumbo-Jumbo] is that denim is the material that pulls it all together for you for a good night out in the last ten minutes, when you’re sitting in your flannel PJ’s not wanting anything but to be in them the rest of the night.  It lets you stay comfortable and makes you feel awake…that, actually, must be the tightness of my jeans…so I guess that doesn’t apply to males.  It’s the fabric that gets you going with a feeling that you’re still on the couch doing nothing.  Comfort and stability.  Cushion and structure.  Denim.  Plus, tight denim does wonders for your butt.  Cha-ching.