I’m honestly thankful all the time.  There’s no better time to think about being thankful for things than when you’re in college.  You’re broke, debt-ed out on loans, and eating strictly when you remember you’re hungry so you can ration all your favorite food and not have to go to the grocery again this week (mainly so you can go to the bar this week).

Well, I’m thankful all the time.  I think about this a lot when I get in my car.

I drive a teeny-bopper, every-teenage-movie Jetta.  But this Jetta is a little more badass than a Michelle Branch song that you expect to hear blaring from it.

My Jetta is a TDI.  Also a stick shift.  It is marvelous.

For those of you that don’t know Vdubs, a TDI means Turbocharged Direct Injection.  To bypass the whole explanation, this means more torque, power, efficiency, and less emissions. Oh, it uses Diesel gas.  More expensive but lasts way longer.

Means my car can go up to 55 MPG on a 14.5 gallon tank. Do the math.

I wish that was completely the case for my car.  It, of course, varies within the city stomping grounds and with how you handle your car.  My car’s a stick shift

so if I am too aggressive with the shifting and how far I drive my rpm’s before I shift, I lose more gas than if I hadn’t.  Also, the 55 mpg is based on a steady highway speed of about 60 mph, which I don’t usually abide by when traveling.  But even with cranking my rotations a little farther sometimes when I’m passing or driving 70-80 instead of 60 mph, my car still gets amazing mileage.  

And that’s something I’m so thankful for.  Diesel’s heftier on my wallet during the fill-up but I have to do it about half as much as anyone else if I’m driving a normal amount.

Thinking about MPG’s, mileage, and efficiency, I thought about Levi’s.

Do you have Levi’s that you haven’t worn in a while? Is that because they’re special or is it because they’re delicate?…like a special pair that’s not meant to be worn all the time.  Maybe a nicer khaki pair you don’t want to wear to everything because you know they won’t last you forever.  That’s probably what I’d translate to a nice, nice SUV.  Like a Hummer or Escalade.  Those pants in car language are the ones you don’t get a lot of good mileage out of for your buck.  They’re the pants/cars that you take out for a few special days because they’re too expensive to strut around all the time.

What about the ones you wear all the time? They’re your tougher, durable pair that almost seem to get better with time.  You’ve walked 1,376,930 footsteps in them to date and you know they have at least double that in them.  They literally make walking around easier because they hold you so well, while at the same time being comfortable and easy-going enough to make you feel like you should be wearing them everyday.  These are your energy efficient, smaller cars.  Something you can cruise around in and know you’re getting the most bang for your buck by being in them all the time, without fear or worry of what the repercussions of what a rough day of travel might do to them and your wallet if you end up scathing them.

What’s the mileage of your Levi’s?

Home for me is about 123 miles away.  I put this into a little mileage calculator for my trip.  Here’s the screenshot.  Let’s get efficient up in hurr.