[On opposite day.]

So I’m making my directive dependent.

Because I was thinking about condiments….I don’t know why.  I eat a lot of hot dogs.  Anyways, independent was swirling in my mind so much that I looked at the condiments and thought…man, how dependent are you guys.  You’re nothing without your support, your hot dogs, breads, eggs, sandwiches….what a sad life.

But they are the zest.

Levi’s, I think are dependent in that way, too.



Paired with shoes:

So much better, right.

Here’s alone again as a refresher:

Not too hot until they’re put on a body with the right basics.

So they idea here is that jeans….Levi’s are dependent on us.  Not always independent.  They need us to wear them around.  If they don’t, they become like my old jean stack that gets passed down or donated.  They need us to wear them and wear them well….the better we wear them, the happier they are.  The longer they sit on our shelf, the sadder they are.  So make your Levi’s happy.  Let them know they’re dependent by not wearing them all the time, you don’t want them to get a big…head? butt? I don’t know where the egocentric place of a Levi’s jean is.  But wear them just enough to keep them and yourself happy.  Symbiotic relationship.  (Thank you, Bio, that I thought I’d never use.)