Would you look at that sun.

Nice, breezy day.

Now, Independent stuff.

Well…sometimes, looking up at the sky and sticking my just licked finger in the air to feel the wind/temperature, I feel like this weather isn’t right.  If it’s snowing in Northern Virginia, how can it be a breezy but not bad 67 degrees here?  What is the Earth doing

Is it gonna impode Is it starting a revolution against us

What does it all mean?!

Idk….I don’t care as long as it stays 67 and breezy here for a while.

But point is one part of me is basically at my home….I always think of it that way.  A part of me is always attached to Northern Virginia in not a homesick-I-love-NOVA-way (no way) but a way in which I feel what my family is feeling up there by talking to them all the time.  So for me, a part of me was feeling snow and a part of me was feeling warm here in Richmond.  Pretty crazy, conflicting thoughts.

Anyways, Levi’s, in my opinion are made for breezy, cool weather.  They’re warm, but not too hot.  And definitely don’t do the trick for heavy snow all by their lonesome.  But what if they felt detached from what they were meant for, too? And they turned into snowflakes and snowed into Richmond’s breezy, warm weather.  Showing us that snow doesn’t always have to be a concern for frostbite…but more so that snow and Levi’s, although two independent, non-related items, can be peacefully one in the right conditions.

This is all starting to sound like a bunch of made up mumbo-jumbo (haven’t said that in a while…), but here are my cool Levi’s snowflakes like we used to make when we were 5.  Let it snow (Levi’s), Let is snow (Levi’s), Let is snow…..(Levi’s).

This is one of the better ones that made the cut.


Disclaimer: You think doing this will be fun…making snow flakes like we’re five again and all. but there’s a reason they gave our teeny, little 1st grade wrists the thinnest printer paper to cut snowflakes out of.  I’m pretty sure my freakishly small wrists haven’t grown in diameter of dexterity since elementary school, so denim cutting was not well acquainted with them.  My wrists are throbbing.  And this snowflake isn’t even as cool as I pictured.  Oh well, can’t do any more, gotta rest these wrists.