Sometimes I need to get out and not do any homework, not do anything but things I want to do.  Sometimes I go run, play with our favorite dog, Carter, paint…whatever.  Sometimes I shop.

I was feeling lackluster one day and ran over to Short Pump.  The Levi’s store there always has inspiration for this thang.  Mainly because you walk in there, get a Levi’s sensory overload, and leave and let all the shiz incubate unti you get an awesome idea.  Can’t go wrong.

Well, sometimes, you get something else.

I picked up this little flyer…..

Well, that’s part of it.  I’ll break it down.

It’s absolutely great and cute.  I like the little cartoon guy.  Let’s follow him while we explore how we can make Levi’s “Our Own”…

You wanna be independent? You wanna be orginal? You wanna do stuff on your own? Well, Levi’s basically says with this little cardboard “Make your own damn jeans…you’ll probably like them better.”

I like this.  Don’t just get the jeans from the store.  Buy them, take them home, work on them yourself until they’re just what the fit, fade, wash you want.  Then, you’ve actually earned those jeans and their uniqueness.  Kudos to you.

And kudos to the Levi’s Stores, because I just found out by flipping this info card over that it’s a postcard.  Now I can send it to my best friend in Manhattan.  Thanks a bunch Levi’s.