I’ve been so tired lately, mostly because of my birthday escapades on top of my workload.  Can’t not celebrate a 21st birthday.

Anyways, on days when I’m so so so so so so so so (I wrote sos writing one of these which is also what I feel like sometimes when I’m so tired I can’t think— SOS) but on days when I’m so tired I can’t think I feel like my body is at a disconnect with my brain.  I can almost pin point it to my feet.  The farther I get from my brain, the less connected it seems to my thoughts and control.  So, it makes sense that my feet are the farthest away from my brain and the least connected.  I feel like they move along in their zombie-state without my direction sometimes.  They just know where to go from from habit and routine.

Independent body parts.

I was thinking about how it’s weird on days when you’re tired like that….you seem to look at your feet a lot.  Almost like your head is too tired to hold it’s own 8-12 pounds….I looked this up.  When I saw our heads weigh 8-12 pounds…first I hoped I was in the ten pound range….not too small and not a balloon head, and second I realized why I can’t keep my head up in class sometimes.

With this looking at your feet, I thought of jeans and Levi’s.  Levi’s become the bridge from your torso to your feet.  They connect you with their denim strength and snap you back to life with their indigo color. Instead of looking at your feet, your body can’t help but make your eyes look a little higher, towards the jeans.  They become your strenght, your reason, to look a little higher…just a little higher….there ya go…until you’re looking straight into everyone’s eyes instead of at your shoes.

Boom.  You look more awake already.

The video is of the out-of-body, tired-looking-at-your-feet-experience I sometimes encounter when my apparently huge head gets too heavy and my mind disconnects with my feet and the world.  The video depicts how you feel in those moments — almost like you’re looking at a movie of your feet doing things your don’t know about….even though you’re attached to them, about to go to places with them.  Strange feeling.

Out-of-body, looking at your feet experience.  Zoning out through your day.


Make it 1080p!