This post is about the actual usage of all this extra denim on all these projects.  I didn’t know when I started my gold shorts that I would be able to use all the extra fabric for all of these ideas.  It turned the scraps into something of use, something sincerely good.  And the process literally happened progressively, stage by stage, until I came to this post that basically says, look what I came up with for all this denim scrap.  But seriously, look what I came up with.

I think, reflecting on this past week’s directive, I’ve found my niche for Project 54.  I sincerely love making things, things that are beautiful or awesome or just crazy unique.  But actually making my ideas into tangible, hangable, wearable, loveable things is pretty rewarding.  I think I’ll try and make as many things as my time/budget will allow from now on.

That’s personal progress.  Check.

Also, excuse the small post.  It’s ma 21st birthday.  Needless to say, I have things to do.