I know what progressive means and there are probably some latin orgins that make up each part and mean something and blah blah blah…I don’t wanna think about that.

Those two words up top are my puzzle pieces to “progressive.”

So with this prose

I digress

and put to the test

the power of my brain 

my strive to fame

with this poem

of things Levi’s.


You  need ideas? How many.

I got plenty.

So let’s start with a lesson in grammer

I’ll school you on the manner

to put words together

smooth as leather.


I before E except after V

Is that the rule

Do you disagree

Doesn’t matter to me.

So here goes the Levi’s prose.


We’re blue and dark and light and soft

We’re khaki and worn and metal and cloth

We see the world more than your other pants

We keep you going in our strong stance




You want us in colors?

You like us diverse.

We come to serve you

with a rainbow curse.

All the primary’s

Some weird ones, too

Levi’s made us

brighter for you.


We’ll wrangle you in those Wranglers

Leave your Lee’s as stragglers

We’re the only ones for you

A hole for each leg, two

How more perfect can we be for each other?

Doesn’t get better than together with one another.


So here I just decided to pick a starting point and make some progress. The starting point was dissecting the word, “progressive.”  The part that followed was a free-form, kindergarten AABB sounding poem that started with the two key words and built on them.  As I was writing this, I saw different visuals of what was happening in my head and, even though the poem is simple, I like it for the simple imagery.  I also like that the Levi’s ended up talking to you, which I didn’t plan.  Picturing the Levi’s doing different things and doing what I said they were doing in the poem with the voice I gave them helped me picture them as personalities better.  And I like pants with character — literally.  Pants that speak to you and literally tell you “Wear me more, I’ve been origami’d into your closet for 4 straight days!” or “Thank you for the hike and grass stains.  I feel fresh.”  I imagine them as pants that talk to you and make sure you stay active, mostly because if you aren’t active, they aren’t.  So they are always convincing you to go out and DO THINGS and be more active in the world….and not in leggings or cargos or any of their other “friends.”  They want to be picked and they’ll make it clear, as expressed through the poem above where they list reasons they are the best choice and satisfy anything you want out of a pant or jean.