I was thinking about impractical things.  I struck at gold. Pun intended.  Gold pants.  Gold was used as currency back in the day.  They stopped because it was so impractical to carry the actual gold amount that was worth what you wanted to pay for.  But everyone likes gold.  It’s a symbol of luxury, glitz, and glamour.  It also draws the attention more colors in the color wheel that look matte in comparison.  Point is, gold is impractical and making anything bigger than a ring or earrings with it is excessive and impractical.  So I came to pants made of gold.  Levi’s made of gold.  I wanted gold Levi’s that I would actually wear.  I went to Fantastic Thrift and bought some more Levi’s (2nd pair so far) to cut up for the purpose.  Cut up because I think that while completely made-of-gold Levi’s jeans are the most idealistic and AWESOME, gold shorts would be something I would actually wear.  And that’s what I want.  Impractical ideas made into practical, tangible Levi’s.  So these are my gold Levi’s that I WILL be wearing.  They’re fly.

When I go to buy more of this special glue stuff, I’ll finish the back and do a few more layers.  It’s hard because I’m on a surf trip right now.  It’ll probably be a separate post.  Stay tuned.