My friend and I were making friendship bracelets the other day.   To show we’re friends with each other.  They’re awesome but they years to complete.  I decided to go with the idea of recycled Levi’s denim into Levi’s bracelets that are given out with each new pair of Levi’s.  Like passing the history and original threads of Levi’s down through time.  The Levi’s are worn in a different way, but still worn.  They make a statement because handmade denim bracelets draw attention.  Still stylish, still cool.  Here’s mine that took forever made out of actual Levi’s denim.  Eff friendship bracelets.

This, although simple looking, took forever to think of and execute.  Denim’s hard to work with.  I didn’t start with incorporating other string.  It started with 3-4 strands of denim at first.  Then, I realized, after multiple denim breakages while making the bracelet, that the denim needed reinforcement.  And then I got string.  And then I made this.