All weekend I’ve been doing things and of course, Levi’s is on my mind.  I went to the Richmond Folk Festival.  It was real cool.  Good reggae, cool foods, and awesome trinkets.  I’m all about trinkets.  It was a display of culture of all kinds in the art, foods, music, and people that were showcasing themselves and their work there.  Pretty cool stuff.

Walking around, I saw tons of Levi’s.  I wanted to creep creep and take some pictures of all the Vi’s but it was getting dark and so my flash would have to be up…and so it wouldn’t be too stealthy that I was taking booty pics.

I like Vi’s.  Anyways, Walking around I kept thinking of how crazy some things were.  Like all the things the little tent shops had for sale.  Crazy, but because I was immersed in it all, it was all so cool.

Got me thinking about a Levi’s Folk Festival.

An entire folk festival dedicated to Levi’s.  Like Levi’s it would have different sections of different interesting cultural aspects.  Music would be denim oriented….people creating music from stretching Levi’s denim over something and strumming it while another guy in the band was playing only the the rivets of different Levi’s in different ways. Another guy would be zipping and unzipping the zipper into a microphone connected to an amp.  All of this connected to an amp.

Food….snacks…ice cream….A blue ice cream called Blue Jean-y

There would be different showcases of how different cultures wear their Levi’s.  Some as lederhosen…some as tights like robin hood…some as capes…some as turbans…some as loincloths….some as heavy denim parka coats.  Each tent would have what artifacts they treasure most from Levi’s, crafted into art pieces or decorative spoons or wall tapestries or jewelry.

Dancing would come from how each culture wears the jeans.  This would determine how they dance with their Levi’s.  Capes are Zorro-d in front of your face, right below your eyes. Lederhosen’s suspenders are pulled out with thumbs until they snap back into place.  Turbans are taken off and swung around like a helicopter.  Loincloths are sashayed back and forth. If anyone watches Tosh, this is close to one of his favorite dances.

I can picture this all so well…a huge comedic folk festival gathering of Levi’s.  If you can’t, ask me.  I’ll clarify whatever blanks there are in your vision.  I like this idea a lot.