I took this picture at the Houston Airport.

Background story: I was going through Facebook, wasting time between homework, thinking of potential things I could make for dinner, and Rachel Zoe.  I went to my roommates Facebook and saw a picture on her timeline I recognized.  It was a picture I took while flying back from California (and ultimately Hawai’i) to Houston, and back to DC, eventually.  I saw this cool, sky-blue plexiglass board with all the major US cities written on it.

I loved it.

But more so than that, I remember taking the picture with my camera first, and then with my iPhone second.  Because the next thing I did was send my friend the very same picture.

We both want New York.  We want to be there, live there, work there.  At least for a period of time.  Currently, it’s where we want to be.  But we love Richmond so it’s keeping us plenty satisfied.  Anyways, we had the same hopes and wants over the summer when I sent her an MMS with this picture.  I think I said something like, “One day soon.”

My point is, you gotta be brave to go out there and get what you want, get anything in life.  You gotta want it.  Just like we want it.  I remember thinking that to get there I have to make brave moves, and the actual move to NYC would be a brave one.  It’s a new place, full of commotion and insomniacs, and something neither of us are used to.  But that’s where you just do what feels right even though part of you is comfortable right where you are.  You push the first part of you that wants big things more than your other part.

This made me think of a concept.  Maybe even a concept for a commercial.

Music is playing.  Something light and slower. Clips are shown of people, around our age, all over the US.  They’re all doing their everyday lives.  Cooking and serving at restaurants, going to classes, eating their cereal, just being mundane and normal.  The next set of clips is the climax — they all drop what they’re doing and whatever music was playing cuts.  They look towards exits they’re closest to (window, door, car).  Crazy music starts.  Not metal or anything like that, more like fast-paced, happy music. They walk out, get in their car, climb out the window, respectively.  The next clips are of all the people packing all their suitcases.  The shot is focused only on the suitcase of each and what they’re throwing in.  They throw in a few things, and they all throw in Levi’s last.  They slam the suitcase shut.

These commercials would tell stories in different parts.  This commercial above would be aired for a while, and then Levi’s would start airing the second part where it would show all those people’s journeys to their dreams.  I know this is kind of like the Go Forth campaign, but I like it better.  It’s more enticing.  Just the fact that there are multiple parts to all the characters’ stories is something that would draw attention once watchers realized that Levi’s was telling individual stories, mashed together, in different segments.

I also played with the 3 separate stories in one commercial idea, like the Sprite commercial we watched in class.  I think it’s a cool concept that keeps your eye on the flashing story in front of you.