I’m watching the Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding on E since it’s the only thing being run on TV right now.

During it, I watched Kim’s mom, Kris, go under the knife to look better in time for Kim’s wedding. Brave.  She even broke down crying right before the surgery.

Then I started thinking about Levi’s.

And plastic surgery.

And Levi’s.

With all this new Curve business, how about a jean that gives you curve.  Intense, head-turning curves.

A butt implant built into your jeans.  Something you buy when you’re feeling like the squats you’ve been doing haven’t been doing enough.  There’s nothing better than a nice butt.  And nothing worse than some sag in the back pockets of your jeans.  I’m gonna see if any jean company is on to this idea before I finish this post.

There’s a crazy amount of things out there for those who aren’t packing as much junk in the trunk as they want.  Most of the ones I found looked like infomercial wonders or didn’t seem to fool me.

Maybe Levi’s could tap into the butt-shy demographic and have them (and others) embrace their bootylicious booties again.

That campaign would be hilarious.

Taglines would be only sound effects or sound effect-like words.

like “Oof” (guy looking at the butt)


“Bomp Bomp”

or “A moment on the hips is a lifetime on the lips.” playing off of a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.