My friends went out to the bars last night for birthday celebrations.  I, unfortunately couldn’t make it due to traffic and what I was supposed to be watching while stuck in traffic and forced to listen to on the AM radio station – the Caps season opener…

But I talked to my friend asking her how her night was and started picturing the bar scene.  I knew they had tons of fun getting guys to buy them drinks and dancing on every heightened surface.

And then I thought about the scene from guys’ perspectives.  I’ve thought about this before, but without some liquid courage, entering a wild scene of confident and fun-loving group of girls at a bar seems pretty difficult. You get one chance to say a few words and then you’re either in or out.  Which brings me to my point about bravery.  Guys seriously have to have the balls to talk to the 10’s they want.  Unless they’re super cocky…but that would immediately put them out.

I thought about a girl at the bar a group of guys want to talk to.  They’re all talking to each other about how they’re gonna get her.  None of them are doing anything about it.  The point of this little image I made is that Levi’s is encouraging you to be that guy that steps up — do your thang.  It’s also a slight Levi’s “GO FORTH” parody.  I strategically placed the Go Forth around her boobs for this reason.  I’m frankly sick of looking at GO FORTH print ads now that I’m immersed in Levi’s every single waking moment of my life.