Happy Denim Day! Or so Dogfish told me.  I wouldn’t have known otherwise.  My favorite beer knows I have to do a blog post.  Message received.

Anyway, bravery is cool.  It’s being out there, edgy, and not caring until you get the point across you want.  It could be verbal or nonverbal.  I appreciate courage in anything.  Especially brands.  I love when brands go out there and make themselves better by stepping onto new ground.  They say whatever, do whatever and push the limits (within reason) so they can grab the attention of whoever might see or hear them.

I’m already loyal to Dogfish so they didn’t have to grab my attention with this, but they would have if I wasn’t.  The picture is great.  The words are better.  They tell you to do whatever you want, eat and drink and be merry, and get in someone’s pants.

Definitely attention-grabbing and brave.

And hey, they’re Levi’s!  Just noticed that.

So I’m gonna use this example to think of more ways a brand can be brave…or I can be brave.