We all lost someone irreplaceable today.  Someone that has shaped history, single-handedly with his undoubtedly infinite contributions to the world we live in today. Despite a constant rollercoaster ride of success and failure, he persevered to become one of the most renowned and respectable men by doing what he loved and sticking with it.  He taught us to follow only your passions, because the rest isn’t important.  And to more importantly follow what you love because you’ll ultimately become successful at it.  And don’t hesitate to do it, because life is short and waking up everyday and not being excited to go and do what you’re about to do is a waste.  Make it all count.

His words in this video itself are life-changing for someone of my age trying to go out there and make something of themselves.  This video shook my world.  I think everyone, especially those who are young, should watch this and watch it whenever they feel life isn’t going like they planned.  Keep at it.  And always do what you love.


“Stay young, stay foolish.” -Steve Jobs