Sawcy Sawcy Sawcy

I think we like our politics sawcy.

Keeps things juicy and entertaining.

I think being democratic might be equal to being juicy, creating a stir.  Hence the spoon.  Pretty punny.

Levi’s is about getting out there and creating a stir.  Levi’s definitely makes this a point. Go do what other people don’t, go splash around in some waves and run through fields half naked.  Go be you, but be crazier.  Crazy enough to be interesting.  And do it all in Levi’s.  Go Forth.

That’s what I think of when I see those ridiculous commercials.  But honestly, they’re great.  I watch their distraction of an advertisement, dont’ I? I’m not looking for an ad, I don’t want it, and I certainly don’t want to remember it over the show I’m watching.  But I did remember it.  So kudos, Levi’s.

How would a pair of Levi’s with a mind of their own create a stir?

They would rip themselves some distressed holes if they felt rebellious.

They would make up stories about the other brands like political figures do in sketchy campaign ads.

Wrangler voted pants-ing people legal twice during his career.  Do you really want someone like that deciding what your jeans will be doing in ten years? i think not, pantalones.

They would be crazy partiers all over TMZ, walking out of cabs, drunk off starch, with their pantlegs spread and inseam [gasp] exposed.

They would support radical causes/actions/strange gatherings.  Like this.

They would create Facebook and social media movements, because this is the age of social media and it’s the perfect platform to be heard…and create a stir.

They would petition for an overall decrease in the production of huge clothes sizes and support hand-in-hand efforts to start making America healthier by making school lunches healthier for kids and informing and reaching out to adults to change their lives from ones of obesity to those of health.

Levi’s would be a captivating political figure that knows how to stir the pot.