I remembered a thing Will told us about our ideas.  Be honest.  Or I think he said that.  I might’ve read that somewhere else but I’ll give him the credit for my own good.  But seriously.  I remember something about being honest about the product.  You can’t lie.  You present what’s there or a quality that’s there in a way that makes the audience comfortable.

Reminds me of old V-Dub ads.  They used to just tell people whatever was most truthful…especially about their little beetle.

Well, truth is jeans are tough.  And by that I mean the denim itself.  It’s not a soft fabric.  Its threads aren’t silk or cashmere.  It’s hard, stiff denim.  It’s not comfortable.  The denim itself is tough.

But not only that.  I was also thinking about how tough it is to be in jeans sometimes.  Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m so tired that I can’t talk after a long day of class, I can’t sit in my jeans.  Maybe it has to do with how tight they are.  Guys probably could last in jeans much longer.  But I still stick by my statement that denim is hard, stiff, tough and isn’t comfortable to be in past a certain point.  So when I come home after a crazy long day, I can’t be confined in their stiffness anymore.  I change into my light cotton heather grey lounge pants.  And it feels like my legs get to breathe.  They feel more free and moveable.  One day I came home inbetween classes and switched just my bottoms from jeans to running shorts.

But I also think when I’m in jeans, I’m more likely to get down and focused with whatever I’m doing.  It’s kind of like the sitting-at-a-hard-desk phenomenon.  You are more focused on your work because you can’t be focused on anything else, say being comfortable.  Because you’re not.  So maybe denim is tough because it’s the fabric of progress.  You get stuff done when you wear denim because you’re not likely to be lazy in it.

I don’t know any people that sleep in jeans.  I guess that illustrates my point best.  If jeans were crazy comfortable, you wouldn’t be opposed to sleeping in them.  But they’re not and you don’t or else you’d wake up with stich patterns in your legs.  So you put jeans on when day breaks to go and tackle it.  Carpe diem with your denim.  And you get your stuff done.  You take your jeans off at the end of your day when you’ve accomplished everything that comes before sleep.

So denim is the fabric of progress.  Accomplishment.  Success?  Hard work.

I know I get up every morning putting something on that will kick my ass into shape and force me to feel alert and up.  Something I like of course.  Something that says something about how I want to handle the day.  I think putting on jeans is you telling the day, I’m ready to get uncomfortable with you.

Above I pictured the comfy pants and then the Levi’s.  The Levi’s look starched…so stiff and straight and the grey sweats by contrast are made of comfy hills and valleys.