The Rock is a beast.

Dwayne Johnson I mean.  I follow him on the Twatter and he’s the shit.  Seriously.  This man doesn’t eat any sugar, works out every morning at 6 and doesn’t sleep because that’s when he films things.  He also used to be a professional wrestler.  I usually click on his tweets when I don’t want to go to the gym.  He’ll make me feel lazy as hell in just a few seconds…and I don’t even know him that well.

I was reading my Twitter feed today and some of his stuff popped up so I read through it.  He tweeted:

“Suns out, guns out.  Finish your week strong.  Good morning.” with a picture of the sun rising.  He worked out before I was even up.  He’s definitely jacked enough for like 3 people.

Then I read another one.  An earlier one.  Something about filming all night and being in an action scene where he was actually covered in his own blood.  Probably the scariest image I can think of at the moment.  The Rock, covered in his own blood, walking around at night.

Everything about him screamed tough at me.  It almost felt like he was screaming be tougher at me with every tweet of his I read.

I’m being hard on myself.  Gotta go to the gym today.  For sure.

Back to The Rock.  He’s 6 ft. 5, 260 lbs. of steel.  And tats.  He’s part Samoan so he’s got some crazy tribals on his arms and chest.  They look sweet.  And the other part of him is black.  So he’s Samoan and Black and huge.  I could not think of a more athletic, tougher, scarier combination of ethnicity’s.

So Dwayne Johnson is without a doubt, TOUGH.

I was thinking about how he wears his Levi’s.  Probably rips through them.  Maybe not.  I don’t know what would happen but I know that when I think of tough I think of Dwayne Johnson.  And if Levi’s wanted to be tough, they needed him on a campaign.  but maybe it’d be cool if the juxtaposed The Rock wearing Levi’s with something super delicate and comfy.  Something plush.  Something that’s the opposite of tough.

The Rock laying stomach down in his Levi’s on a sheepskin blanket with a glass of wine in his hand? Pinky out. Fireplace on in the background.  Bunny slippers on.  Idea is that the Levi’s are tough enough where even The Rock can act feminine and soft and it doesn’t matter.  He’s still The Rock.  The Levi’s are still tough.