Watching MNF. Thinking about all the injuries the commentators keep talking about for each player. And they’re still tossing their limbs and joints around on the field tackling each other to the ground.


Reminded me of this video. If you haven’t seen it yet, it needs to be watched by your eyes.


Anyways, they’re tough as hell. They get paid millions to be tough. I thought about what it would be like for someone to get in their way. What it would be like for a pair of Levi’s to be in their way. Kinda like one of those playground games of Red Rover, but instead of hands joined…there are Levi’s joined across the width of the football field. Tied together in some boy-scout knots across to make some sort of Levi’s chain. How strong would they be? Say they were tied to metal poles on each side so they couldn’t all just be picked up without being torn apart. What I’m wondering is how many football players does it take to rip apart a denim chain of Levi’s.

It’s 9-9, 1st down at the 13 yard line. Let’s get this Redskins. 6 yard line.

Little son Shanahan was born into a royal family of coaching. He was born into the job. The title. Just a thought. Sweet.


So what if the Redskins were at the 6 yard line and the only thing they had to tear through to get to the end zone was a tied together line of Levi’s jeans. Would they be able to do it. Break through? Or would they bounce off? Is 1 Redskin player strong enough to break through the rope? 2? 3? 10?


I don’t know. I don’t really think it matters. But it’s a cool thought. It’s almost like Redskins vs. Levi’s on MNF. Who will win?
Next Monday’s mini game? That’d be cool.
“Who’s tougher. Levi’s or the Skins? You decide. Text us your vote and you are entered to win Superbowl tickets.”

I put a few things together to make this. He’s holding tattered Levi’s denim in his hand. He conquered.