Running with the idea of keeping everything in life sane and simple, I was thinking about the simple things of Levi’s.  They’re blue

dark blue




other materials

They have button and zip flys.

They have wrinkles at the knees or don’t.

And then I started thinking about how simply original Levi’s themselves are.  No one imitates their label.  Can’t be done.  They did what they did and they did it best.  They’re too established and have been in circulation for too long.  Other brands don’t imitate them because they can’t.  They’re original.

The idea for the copier came from that.  I don’t know how but as soon as I thought someone couldn’t try to be “their” (Levi’s) sort of original, I thought about them jamming up a copying machine trying to do it.  I thought about what a copy machine stands for.  It is made to make exact replicas of something that already exists.  Quickly, easily.  But Levi’s can’t be copied.  All those other jean companies are left with is a broken copier.