Emotion: Tired…overworked.

I’m doing a huge to-do list of never-ending homework and was wishing life was simpler. So I decided to simplify Levi’s down.

I thought about how the Levi’s fit (I focused one Men’s for this post) according to their style descriptions, style numbers, inseam measurements, leg openings, etc. There were so many specifications and names for every one.

I thought it’d be cool to break it down into an easier, visual format for a few of the Men’s.

I included only the style numbers in the visual so it was as simple as it could be. The style number tells you what kind of jean it is, and the jean silhouette gives the simplest breakdown of fit and style. You’re not trying to figure out whether you want a 17″ inch leg opening or a 32″ or 34″ in inseam. You’re starting with the basics, first: What kind of look you want.

It’s rough, but I’m teaching myself Ps and Illustrator so I’m just focusing on the concept for now.