Being a huge Lion King fan, I’ve already seen the 3D version. It was amazing.

Mind-blowing. Seeing it as an adult made me realize how revelatory, relatable, and insightful it is. Point is

Emotion: Love.

I love The Lion King. And the 3D version was the orgasmic version of the original.

Made me think.

What style of Levi’s would each character wear?

What personality and physical traits go with what Levi’s jean?

I imagined Scar wearing some slim-cut, black 510’s. He’s evil, but slender. And he would never wear a light wash because it would contrast his black mane and equally dark demeanor too much.

Simba would be wearing some 513 Slims, Caraway Twill. He’s happier, nicer, and has a lighter personality so the khaki would better fit him. He’s still young in the movie and has to keep it fresh, though, so they’re slim cut.

Mufasa is definitely a dad’s dad…he’s the grown up protector who doesn’t need to worry about looking young as long as his other obligations are fulfilled…and he’s comfortable. He’s the original, the classic, so the 501’s are perfect for him.

I thought about the lions in all their Levi’s and it made me think about if Levi’s had joined forces with the Lion King 3D premiere and actually did something similar. Younger age groups who love the Lion King could be exposed to Levi’s before they even knew about jean brands. Levi’ might end up being their first go to when they do go and try and buy their first pair of jeans. Subliminal?

And older kids/adults would relate the brand they love with the LK movie premiere and might be more willing to see it since one of their favorite products was being integrated into the premiere promotion.

Picture to come.