Whenever I think of introspecting, I think about how I feel whenever I’m doing or seeing something that’s causing the feeling. That feeling usually has led me to some strange, far off in the universe idea. Which is good. I’ve been writing these down in my notebook throughout the weekend and am gonna get them all on my blog tonight. If possible. Maybe by tomorrow.

Here goes one.

So at the moment I’m annoyed. Annoyed because I was devastatingly hungry coming home late and stopped at Papa John’s with my friend worldofwit.wordpress.com to grab some pizzas. When I picked up my box, I looked down ready to see the Papa John’s logo and smell the deliciousness of my pizza, but instead I saw a super scary graphic. Busch Gardens is having their promotional stuff for their version of Kings Dominion’s Fright Night out and about right now, trying to get people to go. Neither of us expected to look down and see a zombie-crypt woman screaming in full color from the top of the pizza box. Being weary, hungry, and delusional, we didn’t appreciate the scare, mostly because both of us don’t do well with scary movies…mostly with the part that has to do with scaring ourselves after watching them.

Took it home and after a few…ish slices, I was satisfied enough to think INTROSPECTIVELY about all of it.

As soon as I saw the glued-on ad from a different, more creative point of view, I thought about how much better it would’ve been if the exact same ad with the gross woman was carved into the pizza…with cheese and sauce, not actually carved I mean. Kind of vectored looking. It’d be eye-catching, unavoidable, clever, and I would not be annoyed seeing it because it’d be so cool. I’d give Busch Gardens some credit if they did that. While eating the pizza, I would look down to see the woman’s face and the words of the ad disappearing.

Memorable. If BG and Papa decided to ever partner, this is necessary. No one looks at those slips of paper tacked to pizza boxes.


Going with this, I was thinking about how to make Levi’s jeans unavoidable. Make a cooler ad that wasn’t annoying or something you didn’t want to at least glance over at.

Immediately thought of guerrilla stuff.


Levi’s attaches a newspaper-like roll of paper (except not made of newspaper…just the general way it twisted into a cylinder) to the bottom of every T-shirt they sell. It says something along the lines of “Open me” or “Personal stylist”or something that sounds better that I haven’t thought of. You pull at the thing holding the paper up and it rolls down into a pair of Levi’s jeans. They will be the pair that Levi’s recommends with the top you’ve picked out. They’ll be life-size with a front and back and on the back, where the usual back label is, is where you’ll find the style number in case you like them and need to find them on the rack.

To expand out of their store, it’d be cool if Levi’s could partner with a T-Shirt company like Hanes and did this. I’ve always like a fresh pair of jeans with a clean T. Partnering would expand this kind of advertising beyond just Levi’s stores.

Visual aid to come. I haven’t decided if I’m going to Photoshop this or try and be crafty and make it real.

Also, speaking of partnering with brands…

Levi’s partnered with Supreme and made a few pieces tat debuted the 15th in the US.


Alright, did the visual aid. Got crafty. Just for picturing-it purposes. The rolled up “recommended” Levi’s jeans would, in real life, be a thin parchment paper, and the T-shirt, or in this case I used a Levi’s flannel, would be a real shirt…not a drawn, watercolored look-alike.