Went to outskirts of Broad today, wandering the city for a Goodwill.  Found a few. Stopped at one near a Costco because we were out of Chobani.

Walking in, it smelled like fresh laundry everywhere…something that was comforting knowing all those hand me downs all in one place had been through a good wash before they were put on those racks.  We were originally on the hunt for some furniture we could pep back into life.  Our house is still echoing so if anyone has extra furniture/rugs, holler.  Anyways, we found no furniture, but we did find a few denim delights.

So Goodwill’s denim section is ridic.  Any and every kind of jean…in every style…flare

super flare….like parachutes





I was on my hunt for Levi’s.  Good thing I had my friend worldofwit.wordpress.com with me or else I wouldn’t have been able to cover all the rack territory.  She had found a pair of what looked like men’s straight slim Levi’s.  Probably the first ever from the looks. A steal at $7.99.  Mine looked like hers but shrunken.  I took them to the register and was charged an astounding $2.99 because they were kids.

Success.  Looking back, I remember a ridiculous variety of jean brands available.  I couldn’t remember seeing many, if any Levi’s, besides the two we happened to find.  Does that say something about Levi’s? Maybe they’re not like 7evens that leave you with two inner thigh ventilation holes 6 months into wearing them.  Maybe they lasts so long people just keep them.  Hand them down or hand them over to friends and family, but not to a strange place like Goodwill.

We didn’t really scour any other Goodwill’s to make this a valid observation, but I think one huge Goodwill only having a few pairs of Levi’s in their stock of hundreds of jeans says a lot about sustainability of Levi’s.

I can’t wait to mess with this pair and see what I can make out of them or put them into/through/against.  I don’t know…maybe I should generate a list of possible things I could do with them this semester and see where it takes me.  Ready, set, go.

Paint on them

Paint with them

Tear them

Drown them in…bleach? Mud? the James?

Beat them up with rocks…with my car…

Hang them outside, over things, over a tree, telephone line (reminds me of when people throw shoes over telephone lines….)

Let some dogs play tug of war with them

Press them in a book

Send them in the mail to someone I don’t know, I don’t know why but it’d be hilarious to get any kind of response

Start them a fan page on Facebook

Make them into shorts

Then short shorts

Underwear? Uncomfortable.

Tack them somewhere

I can’t think of any more right now.  Maybe I’ll turn the jeans inside out and write all these inside.  A go to just in case I run out of good ideas.  I’ll never lose them.

That’s all I got for right now.