I did a stream of consciousness write one night during the storm last week and never posted it, so I’m gonna type it up now.  Here’s the gist deciphered from all the scribbles in my notebook.

Storms make me think  of lightning…striking….sand. And how it makes glass.  Glass that people use as sculptures that sell for crazy amounts of money.  I imagined a boy strolling down the beach being the first discoverer of this phenomenon…but instead of glass beauties, he discovers the first pair of Levi’s….

makes me think of Zeus and his lightning bolts…makes me think of Levi’s being sent down by Greek gods….

The scene I think of i maybe a soiree…a Greek gods and goddesses soiree o some sort.  Cut to Zeus and he’s mingling among the party goers because he’s naturally the center of attention and he’s wearing a pair of Levi’s.  Just Levi’s.  Maybe 510’s…no way too tight for his glutes…511’s for sure.

Then I think of parents telling their kids why lightning happens and why thunder is loud…in kind of an “angels are bowling” excuse…

I think of Zeus having too many and dancing on a table at the soiree…drunk…stripping, he flings off his pants during the striptease and throws them to the ground….

they smash through the ground, through the clouds, catch a firey glow from their speed and get impaled in some beach sand at 186,000 mph.

They get stuck below the sand and still glow and smoke from their journey.  A whirl of one smoke line rises from the small hole in the beach that nestles the jeans.  The beach breeze cool them down just in time for the boy to come across the hole and look in.

Stream of consciousness did its job.

Side thought:

like each lightning bolt leaves a unique glass sculpture in the sand, every jean bolt is a unique Levi’s pair meant for someone specifically, the person who happens to see the phenomenon? like seeing a shooting star and getting a wish…but with jeans.