Yesterday I decided to hit up the Levi’s store with a friend for some inspiration and an up close and personal look into what Levi’s was doing with their stores.  So we made the trip to Short Pump.

My main goal of going on was to get some information about what image Levi’s was projecting from within their stores.  Signage and merchandising for retail stores changes as quickly as the weather.  I picked out some of my favorites and took pictures.  One I didn’t get to take a picture of was a black and white 5 foot tall backdrop picture behind the register of about 5 people sitting on a surfboard (probably in Levi’s).  I walked around and found a cool sign that showed you all the women’s and men’s styles they had right when  you walked in.  I liked their simple use of black and white that was a constant in all the signage with words on it.  I also liked the font(s)….I wasn’t able to figure out what it was so if someone knows it, hook it up, but I like that they fit the text into a square-ish, rectangular-ish shape.  Leaving some border around the text made it not as overwhelming to look at or read.

I saw some weird soap, too.  It was Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap?  Never heard of it so I looked into it online.  It’s basically a super organic, go green, use-for-everything soap.  It was right next to some jeans and a cardstock piece of paper that went over Levi’s care instructions — turned out to be a postcard, too.  Made me think about how green Levi’s is as a company? Or are they just preaching the Go Green?  I’ll look into it.

Here’s some pics.