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this is how I feel by this point

so many blog posts.

so many.

How did Noah do this for 365 dayz?? I’m deliriouz from blogging about ONLY LEVI’S for 3 months.  Levi’s should send me some care package of jeans for all my hard efforts…to all of us, in fact.

For my last post on Levi’s, I decided to delve into their website for 45 minutes. Literally reading every report, statement, watching every video, and looking at all their causes.  They have a lot…I didn’t know before reading up they took on HIV/AIDS relief efforts.

The website has some dry bits and some cooler ones.  Here’s the life cycle of a jean.

I don’t know what this really is, but it’s an archive of some sort?

They’re also crazy environmentally conscious…or so they say.  Here’s their evidence for that.

Now, I’m gonna take some time to reflect how I feel finishing this blog.  Because I’m getting a premature burst of joy at this accomplishment, and I need to let it out before it interrupts with my entire thought process.

These British kids say it best.

But seriously.  Let’s get serious.  For real, for real.

So, I seriously was gonna contact Levi’s about sending us some free stuff for all Levi’s internet traffic we’ve created.  But then, while reading their entire site, I came upon this:

Someone [or probably a few mill people] got there before we did, until Levi’s didn’t want to answer anymore and just put this blanket “no” statement up.  Disappointing, but rational.

I’m pretty sure this blog has helped me do some things I wouldn’t have maybe done.  Like haikus…and stop-motion vids…and talking into my computer….and haikus?

Glad this blog helped me try new things.  I’ll definitely keep going with my learning of creative mediums of expression.

Reflection over.

And now for something I deserve.


Or is it?….It’s only just begun.

I have to be going crazy^^.


review (53)






I don’t know what to review anymore.  So I decided to review what I know and apply it to a post.

A few of the things I pride myself on knowing are a few languages.  These above all mean “jeans” in the languages I know.

The first is Slovenian.  I remember growing up and hearing it from my cousins who lived there.  It means cowboy pants.

Traperice is Croatian and means tapered pants.

Farmerke is Serbian and means farmer’s pants.

Džíns is how the Slavic languages spell “jeans” and how Bosnians say it.  It literally is pronounced “jeans.”

And capitalized Jeans is German. die Jeans since they’re a feminine noun

It’s funny to see how each culture views jeans.  Slovenians think they’re straight out of Texas.  Croatians wear them a little tighter and neater.  Serbians think they’re for farmers, which means they originated as something that could never be a nice garment that you’d wear to look well-dressed, since farmers were what they were named after.  That’s definitely different now, though.  Bosnians just adopted the word but spell it different.  And Germans just adopted the entire word and capitalized it.  Denglisch at its finest [Deutsch=German + English].

So what do all countries know?


I’m pretty sure I knew this song before I reached the age of 6.  Overseas.  Everyone knew it.  The whole world has two things in common: jeans and this video.

Anyways, the idea here is that Levi’s are universal.  I imagine a campaign with a pair of jeans, spread out on a white background, and one word being on the top.  The word is “jean(s)” but in a different language.  Each ad only differs in the top line, which says “jeans” in a random language.  The meaning behind the series is that even though what they are called in each country changes, the Levi’s don’t because they are a universal language in the world of brands.  They’re Levi’s and they’re quality and appearance is constant throughout the globe, no matter what they may be called in each, respective country.

review (52) a lesson in copywriting

I’m gonna try my hand at writing copy that would go next to an ad with not a lot too it. I remember Scott said if you don’t have much going on in a print ad, for example, you gotta put some copy in there [“usually” – Will].

I realized I don’t think I’ve tried to write copy for a pretend print ad this entire blog, so in reviewing this fact, I have decided to do it. [Just Do It -Nike…Go Forth- Levi’s….so many slogans just cemented into my brain for eternity].

Alright, here’s what I came up with…took a while to pick a starting point and go with it. I mean, I had no idea what to write about at first…then I couldn’t pick out of the ideas that came to me…then I realized none of the ideas were that cool so I waited for more ideas to come.  I’m pretty sure I was thinking about my Bio class or something and the idea of the Golden Ratio came to me.  It’s everywhere…even the Parthenon.

Wikipedia will explain this one better than I can:

“…found the golden ratio expressed in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants and of veins in leaves. He extended his research to the skeletons of animals and the branchings of their veins and nerves, to the proportions of chemical compounds and the geometry of crystals, even to the use of proportion in artistic endeavors. In these phenomena he saw the golden ratio operating as a universal law.”

“…Zeising wrote in 1854 of a universal law “in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical; which finds its fullest realization, however, in the human form.”

so basically it’s this magic number that applies to everything in our lives…pretty crazy.

So this magic number that applies to everyone and everything is… dan dan DUN


Not as exciting as you thought it would be, right? Numbers usually aren’t.  But I’m gonna try to incorporate this into my copywriting for a pretend print ad in a way that makes both Levi’s and this random nerdy math number cool.

Ok, here we go.

[Next to picture of jeans laid out…nothing else.]

Jeans.  They’re just jeans, right? Wrong.  To say they’re just jeans is the equivalent of saying these beauties to the left are a potato sack.  A dull, in-complex sack that people stuff potatoes into when times of famine are upon them.  Well, this isn’t what you’re looking at.  You’re looking at about 138 years of getting it right.  And we mean, mathematically speaking.  You see, each year, we weave about 12 million fibers into each other until they lock into place for eternity.  We add about 5 million buttons.  Last comes 3 million zippers.  Calling what we do “experienced” would be an understatement.  And if you think we stop there, you shouldn’t stop reading here.  Our specialized team of scientists have made sure every style of our Levi’s follows nature’s Golden Ratio.  So you can be sure that every Levi’s jean you put on has been compared to every living thing on the planet.  It has gone through rigorous measuring to ensure that every single one of our jean’s proportions are aligned with the proportions of nature.  Feel the Zen of the world as you connect to the planet and all its beings, simple by taking two steps…right leg, then left leg, into your Levi’s.

Phew….writing copy isn’t easy, but I’ll keep practicing.

review (51)

Review….review….is like a rearview.

Like a rearview mirror.

Or a rearview….of a butt.

Both seem appropriate for this Levi’s blog and this week’s directive.

I’ll just go with rearview mirror.

This reviewing reminded me of tracing my steps backwards, so I decided to include this picture I took at the OBX.

So, now it’s time to review this Levi’s stuff.

Review makes me think of “make better.”

If I could make this blog better, I would:

-have started out stronger…I think some of my first posts were weak sauce (but I guess that’s part of the process)

-not be taking 19 credits (winey winey) so I could devote more time to it

-stick better to one blog a day, EVERY DAY rule

-eat more carrots so my eyesight is better and I notice more things around me and get curious about them


Ok. Done with self-grading.

I also wanted to share the fact that now, everywhere I go, I see Levi’s.  It’s sickening.  but other times, it’s great.  Like the other day, at Fantastic Thrift (not for Levi’s, for once), I spotted this brand new, Levi’s shorts a mile away….only because I’ve been trained all semester to sense Levi’s.  And picked them up for a cool $5.  They look just like the $50 ones I wanted from Urban Outfitters.  I guess it’s all of our crosses to bear….this gift and curse of seeing Levi’s before anyone even knows they’re in the room.  Sigh.

Here they are, though.  Love, love, love them.  And it’s like 63 degrees so I don’t even have to wait for summer to wear them.  Yay global warming.

And also, in review, I had no Levi’s before this Project.  I think I bought 5-6 during the duration of this semester.  At thrift stores, of course.

Ballin’ on a budget.

seductive (50)

For this post, I wanted to take the word “seductive” and make as many anagrams as I can with it.

This is gonna be hard.

Be back later.

Ok, here they are:

Cute Dives

Evicts Due

Vices Duet

Ice Duvets

I’ll try and write a seductive blurb about each one of these and Levi’s now.

Ready, set, go.

Everyone was doing cute dives with their bathing suits on into the pool, but I wanted to be seductive so I kept my Levi’s on all the way until I got to the water’s edge and started to slowly undress, starting with the zipper of my Levi’s.

The landlord knew he had a bunch of evicts that were due to do since none of his tenants seemed to want to pay their rent.  He didn’t know how they had all formed a habit of seducing him out of his blue denim Levi’s and making him forget about ever needing the rent.  “I have to be better”, he thought.

Two ex-vice presidents got together and decided to do a Vices Duet in front of the white house.  Wearing nothing but Santa boxer shorts and beards.  Nothing more seductive than two political with confidence to stand in very little clothes in the cold, their blue Levi’s strewn over a few branches in a tree nearby.

Ice-y Duvets are in no way sexy or seductive.  Please warm up your sheets in the dryer before trying to seduce me, or I’ll just have to keep my Levi’s jeans on the whole time.  No one wants that now.

These are ridiculous, but they are what spilled from my mind when I brought the words seductive, Levi’s, and anagrams of seductive together.


seductive (49)

Why are all seductive things red?

Is that the color of seduction? Who decided that? And when? Seduction being red makes me think olden folk identified it with the devil (I just think of people in the middle ages identifying everything bad with the devil) so it makes me think that they thought sexual acts, which are results of seduction were identified like that and all things seductive were red — like the devil.

Pretty ridiculous theory.  But who knows, I might be right? I’m not looking it up.  I trust my reasoning.

So everything seductive was/is red.  If you don’t know what I mean yet, then let me illustrate:

Enough illustration.

I think with the classic blue denim Levi’s, there is just enough red seduction going on.

Just enough seduction in the hind-regions to catch everyone’s eye, but not enough to make them pull down your pants on the spot.

Levi’s definitely have a seductive balance.  They know that too much red on the back would’ve caused too many Pantsers [n. people who pull down your pants; people who “pants” you] and not enough and no one would even look at the labels.  They seduced our eyes to the words on the back.  To the numbers and letters that tell us exactly the fit, kind, and brand.  And our eyes soak it all in, with every pair of Levi’s we buy.  Good job, Levi’s.

But I just figured you guys and your red labels out.  Ah HA.


seductive (48)

So another thing that is seductive, to me, is nature.  There’s nothing more poetic than a flock of birds flying in billowy waves over a rippling riverscape.  Or the power of a sunset with a million shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and everything inbetween.

I try to stop and appreciate these things when I can.  Today, my friend and I ventured into Belle Isle with our Levi’s.  It was a nice 60 degree, typical December day.  We soaked in everything, took pictures, and climbed anything we could. (I tried that rock climbing wall next to the path).

We were being adventurous but the whole time we were allured by it all.  We just kept going.  We were literally out for an hour.  I decided to write about it and collect some leaves and things.  I thought I could use them in some way for a post.  So I did.

It looked better in my head, I swear.  Whatever, though.  It does what it’s supposed to….it represents.  I’m definitely no pro with glueing leaves on things….kindergarteners could have me beat on this mixed media, I’m sure.  I’ll just stick to drawing.

This represents a girl who is basking in everything that is nature.  Nothing else is there besides her and a tree because nothing else is important.  She is (get ready for this) one with nature.  Used watercolor, a bit o’ white acrylic paint, and made the cutout.

I’d like to see a Levi’s campaign where they focus on “The Other Seductive” or the things that are all around us and seduce and allure us.  Things that are casual enough to be in Levi’s for.  No red lingerie or expensive perfume needed.

seductive (47)

When I think of seductive, sure I think of all the cliche things people think of on Valentine’s Dyay and the such…but when I go deeper…when I really recognize what’s seductive to me, I realize those tings aren’t what are most seductive.

One of the things that I find seductive is art.  Good art can grip you, move you, torture you, demoralize you, and make you feel ecstatic for no reason.  It can lift you up or make you question eveyrthing.  I love art.  I’ve been at it since I was wee.  There’s a certain satisfaction I get from finishing something I’ve been working on.  The feeling is irreplaceable, untangible, but definitely strong.

Art is one of my seductions.

I thought about one of those cliche things people think of when they think seductive.  I thought a pin-up looking girl, wearing fake eyelashes and makeup accentuating each cheekbone’s peak and through.  Makeup was the next thing that came to me.  So pin-up girls and makeup are seductive, right?

Instantly, I thought of one of my favorite brit pop artists.  Lichtenstein.  His stuff looks like one square out of a seductive comic book.  It’s really good stuff.  He did lots of women….very seductive.

So, I made my own rendition of his Girl with Ribbon.

With makeup.  Yep, I decided to combine my two first thoughts of “seductive” into one  little piece of art.  Here it is.

Voila.  And the cool part is that she’s wearing real makeup.  I think that makes this piece or art really seductive.

So the Levi’s idea I thought of when making this was the promotion of art by Levi’s.  Making denim is a craft and an art, and Levi’s themselves, as a company, respect creativity and the craft of art.  I was thinking about showcasing original works of art in every Levi’s store from the locality.  When I went to Coca-Cola’s Friday Forum, I remembered the speaker talking about Coca-Cola doing an amazing job of appealing and connecting with each locality and community in which they were sold.  Their umbrella campaign tied all these community-directed campaigns together in a fluid and coherent way.  Anyways, I think Levi’s should go to cities where there is a great art movement and reach out the local artists to submit their work into their local stores.  NY, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago are the first that come to mind?  The art is changed out every month and the Levi’s stores not only are about retail and selling merchandise, but they also become galleries that customers can come into for more than just spending money.            Of course, the final goal of this is to draw and allure the local residents in to see their local artists’ work, conveniently located at their local Levi’s store.

seductive (46)

A Haiku.

Eyes across the bar/

Moonshine hits unkempt covers/

Levi’s on the floor.


This actually took a while.  I wrote the original and rewrote lines until I thought it was seductive enough.  I also wanted to make sure I used the right words and made sure you could picture something when reading it.  It’s not easy to do with 5/7/5 syllables.  You have to make everything as concise as possible without leaving out parts of the story.

Oh yeah, this haiku is supposed to tell a story.  I think it does the job.  Two kids (not actual children) are at the bar, catching each other’s eye across the room every now and then.  The middle is a mystery…which is something I like about haikus.  You can fill the parts in-between what is told, yourself.  They might have talked or not.  Maybe they were just leaving at the same time and bumped into each other.  Maybe they started to talk and couldn’t get enough of each other then.  Maybe not…who know.

The moonshine hitting the unkempt covers looked like a painting in my head when I wrote it.  It was kind of unclear, foggy, and dark.  The only light comes from the moon through the slats on the window, that cut the room and its belongings with slanting crosses.  The bed is roughed about….I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The jeans lay flimsily on the hardwood floor, being misted by stray moonlight.

Haikus are deep/intense.




rebellious (45)

This is the second post from the collab work brainstom sesh I had with a few friends.  A word I wrote down on our “rebellious” page was bangs. I used to have bangs.  Blunt, straight cut-across not cool when you were 10 but cool when you’re 20 bangs.


I loved them, but got rid of them.  They were super rebellious.  I still get them every once in a while and get sick of them and grow them back out.

The reason is the following.

The wind blows, and they are in a disarray.  They split, making awkward forehead-revealing V’s with the slightest breeze.  It’s frustrating and hard to keep them looking like the picture above.  Some days, it’s almost worth it.  Others, I say Eff my bangs.  But, always, I had a comb with me to set them straight when they felt like fighting me.

Made me get an idea about Levi’s.

If they made a line of Levi’s who’s respective pockets had miracles inside with every purchase that made life easier.  Solved problems.  But specific, maybe funny problems.

Like, with my bangs example.

The jeans have a small, long pocket inside the back pocket that comes with a small, stylish metal comb.  Next to it, inside the back pocket as well, there is a small, long A-looking pocket and little, cute metal scissors inside of it.  There’s a little bit of hair gel in a pouch that fits nicely in the other back pocket.  Finally, the front, small pocket has a ridiculous, clown-sized but 50’s looking hand mirror.  These are the Vanity Levi’s.

The Garage Levi’s feature mechanic’s tools in the pockets and have oil-like ink drips.

The Thanksgiving Levi’s have a stretchable front and feature extra Lycra. They come with spoons, forks, and napkins.

I don’t know how well these would sell, but the idea is there.  Weird, quirky lines of Levi’s that target certain days, activities, or occupations.